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presented by Ben

The instructor will be Ben, you can read about his background Here. His teaching background is located Here.

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In this information packed 4-hour "Newbie Photography Boot Camp Part I", you will first learn how to "Unlock" the potential of your DSLR (or any cameras have a manual settings) by learning how to shoot “MANUALLY”. After you have gained creative control over your camera, you will spend the next two hours learning to take better photos using various professional techniques such as posing, lighting, composition, background selection, depth of field, and efficient post-production workflow.


Please note, The “4-Hour Newbie Photography Boot Camp Part I” is a seminar (lecture and class camera exercises) not a hands-on workshop. Although the class is primarily developed with the new DSLR owners in mind, many of our past students who only have point and shoot or compact digital cameras have found this class to be extremely informative as well. It will make you a better photographer!

Topics included in the Newbie Photography Boot Camp:

* How and Why Shoot in the Manual Mode * What is "Depth of Field" and How to Use It?
* How to Gain Creative Controls over your Camera * Exposure Triangle
* Shutter Speed and Artistic Vision * Understand Variable Aperture Lenses
* Best lens for the job * Working with people
* Elicit Expressions * Simple Poses
* Selecting Proper Background * Basic Lighting
* Sunny 16 Rule * Rule of Thirds
* Balance against Ambient Light * How to read a Histogram and Much More



Newbie Photography Boot Camp Part I at Portland State University (Google Map)


Saturday, September 7, 2013 (8 AM to Noon)




(Second Class) Newbie Mentoring with Ben

Immediate follow the 4-hour Newbie Photography Boot Camp Part I

Saturday, September 7, 2013 (1 PM to 4 PM)

This is our "Only" session in Portland, please be sure you are available prior to purchase the course



(Third Class): Photo Safari with Ben


Spent the entire day (12+ hours) with Ben on a quest for the best landscape photos in Portland

We will photograph the and exploring Canon Beach


Daily Deal Discount Price: $99 (normally $189)


Sunday, September 8, 2013 from 8 AM to 8:30 PM



If you do not have a voucher, you can pay for your boot camp ($99.00) here:


Newbie Photography Boot Camp Part I

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Rescheduling Policy: A 14-day rescheduling notice is required in order to avoid the $25 Rescheduling Fee. Any rescheduling request falling within 14-day period prior to the class will incur a $25 charge. Rescheduling is not available if no notice/no show for the class as well as if there is no future class scheduled.

Extension Policy: If you notified us that you cannot attend your scheduled session and you are not a "No Show". You are eligible for future class (if available) after paying a $25 Extension Fee.

Cancellation Policy: Due to our out-of-pocket travel and venue booking expenses, we do not offer refund from student cancellation. You are welcome to sell or gift your spot to someone else provide the new attendee complete the registration process. Please send us an email if you wish to gift your spot to someone else.



To Schedule Your Class:

Please do not send us the registration request until the promotion is over,

Your registration will be delayed unless you follow the instructions below precisely!

1. Please DO NOT phone us to register/reschedule/cancel a class. We only take class registration and related issues from emails.

2. Please email Jessica ( with the following information (your class registration will be delayed if any of the information below is missing) :

• Please send us your desired date and location (we teach the boot camps in several cities) from above.

• Your voucher number (barcode #s) and the name of the company you purchased from. If you do not have a voucher, please provide us with your payment method (see "Buy Now" above). DO NOT send us your voucher PDF file; we just need the barcode #s (the #s under your barcode on your voucher).

• The purchaser name (exact name used on your voucher), email address and phone #.

• The attendee's name, email address and contact phone # (if you received the voucher as a gift, we would need an email from the purchaser indicating he/she is doing so)

• A brief description of attendee's photography experience and gear

• Please note we need separate emails (with all the information listed above) from each attendee. Another words, unless you are a legal guardian for a minor, we do not accept one person register for others even if you are paying for them)

3. If we received all the information above, we will typically send you a confirmation within 24 hours.


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