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Los Angeles Wedding Photographer Review


Marita from Riverside, CA

I want to say to ALL who are interested in using you as a Photographer, they need look NO FURTHER!! They have found THE BEST!! The circumstances you had to overcome to photograph Jennifer and Kenny’s wedding seemed insurmountable!!! 

You were more then a photographer that day!! You were a comforter, a counselor, a peacemaker, a time watcher, and a miracle worker!!! You had to cram into 1 hour what was originally scheduled for 4 plus hours and you did AN AMAZING JOB!! 

Can this Mother of the Bride that was OUT OF HER MIND in fear and grief….
just thank you for your AMAZING ability to allow all things to remain 
calm and in order ….. even though the Bride was laying in the emergency room VERY ILL — with NO HOPE of walking down the aisle!!! You kept everyone calm and delivered your messages to that hospital bed to remind her it’s HER day and that everyone would wait for HER — and this 
allowed the Bride to remain calm. And even though the Doctor’s told her 
she could not leave, she left so she could walk down the aisle. Nothing would keep her from marrying her best friend Kenny and thank God for your patience. I don’t think any other photographer would have had such compassion!!

AGAIN .. Thank you thank you for your kindness, your compassion, your sound mind and your professionalism!! You are a true artist. 

And to those who are looking for a photographer — you need not look any further!! Ben is sooo conscientious, kind, and makes each person feel like they are his favorite and BEST clients. 

Thanks again Ben…Jenn’s Mom


Jen from Riverside , CA

Hi Ben,

 I could not have been more pleased, or excited about our photos. Kenny and I are so in love with all the photos…and everyone loves the blooper shots. We were so worried about not taking good pictures, and when we saw these, we were so thrilled. We don’t know how to pick out which ones to frame because we love so many.

You and Carl and Erica were so amazing!! Erica’s make-up talent is just beautiful. I felt so gorgeous and sexy for Kenny. Carl was so fun to work with, he is truly a great person for you to have found to work with. You made that day so fun for us. We just had such a blast working with you, and seeing your talent first hand. You work so hard to get all those great shots, and the way you think outside the box for poses is just what we wanted. We are so excited for our wedding day because we know we are in such amazing hands with you. You will give us such amazing memories!

We plan on keeping you as a photographer our entire lives, especially when we start our own family. Thank you for being so great, you truly do make your brides feel sexy, and elegant. You are the best and I am so happy we found you!

–Jennifer Turner and Kenny Jones–

Sara from Laguna Hills , CA

ben, thank you so much for everything. it has been so great working with you - from meeting you to do tina's wedding to this past weekend. brian and i feel so lucky to have such a master photographer memorialize a really joyous time in our life. i tell everyone about you and always direct them to your website :)

i'm a little sad that we don't have another "big" event coming up, so we can see you again! but when our new family starts growing - we will be calling for a family photo - hopefully you'll still have time for us!

thanks again!!

yours truly, sarah


Candy from Los Angeles, CA

Hi Ben,

We love the DVD montage so much. What an excellent job you did. I was so touched when watching the Ceremony section. I can tell how much time and effort you put in there to make the whole thing so perfect and touch.

Once again, we love your work. Thank you very much.


Mona from San Francisco, CA

Ben's work is incredible and he gave me a CD of all the pictures he took for my wedding. He was very professional and extremely patient with us. Our pictures turned out so nice! I show off my wedding album to everyone who visits. I highly recommend him for weddings!

Melissa from Newport Beach, CA

I have had the pleasure of working with Ben Chen twice (engagement shoot and the wedding). It was so refreshing to work with someone so organized and with such a sharp eye for photography. I was pleasantly surprised with several of the photographs...because he can see things that I can't..or wouldn't even notice. Just look at the sharp, picture perfect backgrounds in the pictures he took. We did a beach shoot and the background is looks like a postcard. Ben has undoubtedly been gifted with a talent for photography and anyone who works with him will not be disappointed. You are in great hands.

Annie from Beverly Hills, CA

It was pleasurable working with Ben Chen. Ben is a professional, in the business sense, and in the quality of his photographs. Ben always made himself available and promptly responded to all my questions and concerns. Most importantly, he was on time and sent the images to me promptly. As a photographer, he demonstrated great pride in his photographs, always wanting to be sure that all shots were of an excellent quality. His friendly demeanor made me feel comfortable in front of the camera and I was able to exude that in my photographs. I will definitely refer Ben to any newlyweds.

Karen from Newport Beach, CA

Ben is great! My husband and I just love his photos. The images from our engagement shoot were magical! Ben brought two 20X24-framed photos from the engagement shoot to my reception and my guests all commented how wonderful and romantic Rick I and looked in the photograph. We bought a couple of Ben’s coffee table art books (one for Rick and I and the other for my parents) and everyone loved. Now Rick’s parents also want to order one.

Teresa from La Canada, CA

Ben shot my family’s portrait for the pass three years and naturally we booked Ben to photograph our wedding. We wanted something fun and spontaneous and did not want all those stuffy traditional poses. Ben worked quietly and was able to capture all the important moments of our wedding day. My husband commented that he hardly knew Ben was there. Ben’s design of our wedding albums was perfect-it really told the story of our wedding day.

Jennifer from Los Angeles, CA

Ben’s photos are fantastic. He was very professional and friendly. My mom cried when she saw those photos. My sister is getting married in 2006 and she already booked Ben or her wedding.



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